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Storm Damage Cleanup in Oxford, Mississippi and Surrounding Areas

storm damage cleanup

Storm Damage

and Cleanup

STS’s motto when it comes to storms is “Be Prepared” and “Be safe!" We highly recommend that you take a proactive stance and contact an STS consultant to come out during the winter months to inspect all of the trees on your property and come up with a plan that will keep you and your property safe during Spring Showers and Hurricane Season. During the winter months, our trees have less leaves on them, making it easier to see issues a tree may have. Winter storm inspections also gives you time to have any trees removed or limbs removed that may become an issue in the spring and summer months.


We hate to say it, but even with proper preparation, trees and limbs come down in storms. It’s just part of the life cycle. So when in need after a storm, STS will be there! We are here to help remove fallen trees/limbs in the safest manner creating the least amount of added damage possible. We care about our customers, and with that we want to make sure everyone gets the help they need after a bad storm has caused you damage.

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